Blue Steel

Character: Megan Turner

Directed by: Kathryn Bigelow

Written by: Kathryn Bigelow, Eric Red

Produced by: Edward R. Pressman, Oliver Stone

Cast Members: Ron Silver, Clancy Brown, Elizabeth Peña, Louise Fletcher

Released date: March 16, 1990

Genre: Action, Crime, Drama

When rookie cop Megan Turner (Jamie Lee Curtis) kills a convenience store robber, she does not notice when psychopathic commodities trader Eugene Hunt (Ron Silver) takes the dead man's gun. With no weapon at the crime scene, the police hold Turner accountable for killing an unarmed man. Meanwhile, Hunt uses the stolen weapon to go on a killing spree. Turner teams up with detective Nick Mann (Clancy Brown) to clear her name and catch the killer. An unexpected romance complicates matters.


• A Point Blank Thriller
• A psychological action thriller as cold as… Blue Steel!
• For a rookie cop, there’s one thing more dangerous than uncovering a killer’s fantasy. Becoming it.


→ Despite the lack of financial success, the performances of Jamie Lee Curtis and Ron Silver received acclaim.
→ Eric Red suggested Jamie Lee Curtis for the lead role.

Script developed by Never Enough Design