Dominick and Eugene

Character: Jennifer Reston

Directed by: Robert M. Young

Written by: Corey Blechman, Alvin Sargent

Produced by: Mike Farrell, Marvin Minoff

Cast Members: Tom Hulce, Ray Liotta

Released date: March 18, 1988

Genre: Drama

Two brothers -- Eugene (Ray Liotta), an ambitious medical student, and Nicky (Tom Hulce), a mentally challenged garbage worker -- live together, with Eugene looking after Nicky. But their relationship is strained when Eugene's medical career, and his relationship with nurse Jennifer (Jamie Lee Curtis), force him to consider separating from his brother. When Nicky intervenes in a child-abuse situation on behalf of a neighborhood boy, the resulting trouble with the law may tip Eugene's decision.


• Two brothers are about to discover what they need most in their lives…each other.
• They were born twins… but something happened along the way.

Script developed by Never Enough Design