House Arrest

Character: Janet Beindorf

Directed by: Harry Winer

Written by: Michael Hitchcock

Produced by: Harry Winer

Cast Members: Kevin Pollak, Jennifer Tilly, Wallace Shawn, Caroline Aaron, Christopher McDonald, Sheila McCarthy, Kyle Howard, Jennifer Love Hewitt

Released date: August 14, 1996

Genre: Comedy, Family

When Janet Beindorf (Jamie Lee Curtis) and her husband, Ned (Kevin Pollak), announce their separation, their two kids decide to lock them in the basement of their home until they sort things out. Soon other parents are getting the same treatment from their children, including the divorce-happy Vic Finley (Wallace Shawn), with all the adults confined to the Beindorfs' basement along with Janet and Ned. Unable to escape their prison, will the parents finally make some changes in their lives?


• Home is where the hostages are.
• There’s More Than One Way To Keep A Marriage Together…

Script developed by Never Enough Design