Operation Petticoat

Character: Lt. Barbara Duran

Directed by: Hollingsworth Morse, Alan Bergmann, Norman Abbott, William Asher, John Astin, Gene Nelson, Bernie Kukoff, Bruce L. Shurley

Written by: Joseph Stone, John Fenton Murray, Gil Grant

Produced by: David J. O'Connell, Michael Rhodes, Si Rose

Cast Members: Melinda Naud, Jim Varney, Richard Brestoff, John Astin, Richard Gilliland, Yvonne Wilder, Dorrie Thomson, Bond Gideon, Christopher J. Brown, Kraig Cassity, Wayne Long, Richard Marion, Michael Mazes, Jack Murdock, Jesse Dizon, Peter Schuck, Raymond Singer

Released date: September 17, 1977

Episode(s) Number: Appeared in all episodes of season 1

Genre: Comedy

It's hijinks on the high seas when a U.S. submarine has to take on a collection of female nurses. Somehow or another, the sub gets painted pink in the process.

Script developed by Never Enough Design